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Sterling stalwarts of the St Ann’s Bay Hospital

Published:Saturday | April 27, 2019 | 12:00 AM


I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the team at St Ann’s Bay Hospital during my mother’s surgery in March.

The doctors, nurses, medical professionals and other staff made the hospital stay surprisingly pleasant and unforgettable.

The surgery – performed by Dr McDowell and his team, including doctors Fletcher, Morgan, Johnson, Scarlett, Morgan, Jackson, and Nurse Lewin – was a success.

I must, however, single out for special mention the post-surgical care that my mother received during her stay. My mother has been a patient at many hospitals, and in my estimation, this recent episode has been exceptional.

So impressive was the care that I am compelled to list by name the individuals who contributed to a positive experience.

I thank Mrs Lafayette, the nursing administrator and head of nursing services, for her keen personal interest in all the patients on her ward.

She was supported by a remarkable team, including nurses Shaw, Nation, Derby, Christie, Thompson, Wilson, Hall, Taylor, Campbell, Lawrence and Trail.

I wish to make special mention of Nurse Walker, who also provided post-discharge follow-up.

My mother is a patient with complex dietary needs, so I was also surprised that appropriate, healthy, and TASTY meals were provided, which met our approval.

Special thanks to Ms Sandra Graham, who took great pains to ensure that presentation was paramount when serving meals.

I express gratitude also to Dr Garvey, Dr Cole and Dr R. Bennett, who were insightful, and had superb bedside manners.

Not to be outdone was the support provided by customer service supervisor, Odette Adams-Smith.

I applaud the team, and apologise if I have forgotten the names of those with whom we interacted. My mother and I truly consider the professionals with whom we came in contact sterling stalwarts of St Ann’s Bay Hospital.