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Media must take action to halt murder rate

Published:Monday | April 29, 2019 | 12:16 AM


As the oldest and largest media outlet in the country, I am urgently calling on you to start adding pressure on the government to halt the murder rate. The onus is on you, not just to report crimes when it happens, but to get the Government and other stakeholders to act.

When I read in your paper that the eight-year-old schoolgirl was missing, I had sleepless nights. I prayed for her safe return, but that was not to be. When I read in your paper about the missing teacher, my prayers went up for his safe return, but it was not to be.

How can the country sleep, the Government and the media in particular? Saying that we condemned the murder when it happens is not good enough. We the citizens want action to stop any further murders from happening. Full stop.

I want you to feel more for the people of Jamaica who are, on a daily basis, grieving for love ones killed brutally.

Mr Editor, I am pleading with you to start a discussion/campaign with other media outlets to stem the brutal way in which people are dying.

People are not safe in their homes nor on the streets. Who can we turn to for help?

Jamaicans overseas want to come home, but it is not safe for them to do so.

There is so much more I could say, but is anyone listening? The next time I read your paper, I want to see some form of positive action. I want to read how many criminals are brought to justice, I want to read how people are safe at home and on the streets.

I want justice for all the lives taken. Actions, Mr Editor.

I want to come home to a safe country. I want my people to feel safe.