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Stephen Vasciannie, the man for the education portfolio

Published:Friday | May 3, 2019 | 12:15 AM


Mark Ricketts said in the most recent edition of In Focus (Sunday Gleaner, April 28, 2019) that “Professor Stephen Vasciannie should be education minister”. I audaciously endorse such a suggestion. I recalled clearly in the late 1970s when I was just leaving high school, the esteemed gentleman was among the brightest youngsters in my age group in Jamaica. I must say unreservedly that this man can change the educational landscape in Jamaica to a much more apt and vibrant one for all the youngsters coming up in this country.

This very bright man, who is also a Rhodes Scholar, is a very dynamic man who has the capacity to do some wondrous things with his experience and well-educated acumen. He is an educator extraordinaire. As such, he will do a most brilliant job in securing the welfare of the youngsters on the edge. He will make them into citizens of the highest calibre and men and women of substance, hence averting them from being a menace to society.

Professor Vasciannie can change the state of our educational system and make us into a much more vibrant society, with the requisite skill sets needed for growth and upward mobility.

Professor Vasciannie’s leadership competence is highly recommended because of his stewardship of the University of Technology. He is also a man of unquestionable character and integrity. As such, he is a role model of the highest class and will improve the stakes of this illustrious portfolio.

Jamaica is earnestly waiting for a very honest and competent man who has no smear of corruption and will be able to speak definitively on issues of national concern with much more confidence. The intervention of Professor Vasciannie can only be beneficial for the entire Jamaican populace.


Greater Portmore