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How long must we do without water, NWC?

Published:Tuesday | May 7, 2019 | 12:20 AM


Water is life!!! Well, that’s what I heard but obviously National Water Commission (NWC) does not think so or Albion, St. Thomas residents would be as good as dead. For 33 years I have lived here and apparently almost every year the pump burns up! For an essential commodity such as water, citizens in this day and age should not be suffering without water in their pipes.

For almost two weeks we have had no water. A water truck came once and woe unto those who worked that fateful Monday, as they had no way to collect water. There was no notice given. Does NWC care about the old people, who are so many in this area, and young babies at least?

Are there any engineers at NWC to assess the problem correctly in order to effectively provide water?

I know we are a third world country but of all the countries in the world, Jamaica, the land of wood and water, can’t seem to provide water to its citizens. There must be a model that they can look at. Jamaica is not that big. If NWC is not capable of handling/providing water nationwide, they need to look into changing who is at the top!

There are places that have no water for in excess of four years! In no way, shape or form is this acceptable! Water is a necessity! If we really are looking for a better Jamaica, we must see where the NWC is making an active effort to ensure water is available for all citizens. We also have water lock off daily. We have a drought so most people work with it. However, we can’t wrap our heads around not having water, we must not. Every few years our pump must burn up?! Every year we must do without water for weeks on end?

Are they buying the same pump from the same company continually? Is the size of the community underestimated? We need answers! More than that, we need results.

We can’t even go by our river to attempt to catch water because they diverted the river to assist either a greater amount of communities or uptown communities, whichever. Point is, we have no resource. We have no real time frame to get the water back. While a water truck would assist, what we NEED is water in our pipes. How long, NWC? How long? Is a revolution needed for water commission to take Jamaicans seriously?


A concerned/disgruntled citizen