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Beautiful, pretty roads – temptation to speed?

Published:Friday | May 24, 2019 | 12:30 AM


According to what I am seeing, beautiful and pretty roads seem to be a temptation for speeding. And many motorists take it as a habit to speed on these roads; while others are in a racing competition. And what makes matters worse, these indisciplined rowdies are endangering the lives of good motorists, passengers, and pedestrians, by their recklessness and bad road manners.

Based on how so many people are perishing, senselessly, in traffic accidents, suppose, for example, the Road Traffic Act should pass down a law, saying: “All motorists should drive at 60 miles an hour, as the maximum speed; unless there is a case of emergency, where you have to go above that.” How do you think the public would react to that?

I believe motorists should drive fast, but not at breakneck speed, based on these four conditions:

1) Urgent need to use a bathroom

2) Taking a dying person to a hospital

3) Being very late for a meeting, an interview, etc.

4) A case of emergency, for whatever reason or reasons, as long as it fits the cause.

And, I am asking you all, if and when you are travelling in a bus or other passenger vehicle, and the driver is gambling with your life, by driving madly, ask him to cut his speed or get off, and let him die alone.

And, I do hope that all reckless drivers will sing these songs when they are driving at breakneck speed: Lord, I Am Coming Home and Nearer My God To Thee.