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Some solutions to Jamaica’s water problem

Published:Monday | May 27, 2019 | 12:06 AM


Winning Water!

Jamaicans must win water. This is the land of "wood and water". It is not a whining matter. Water woes are also in God's court. However, preparation has to be made while we wait on God to answer with action. We in Jamaica must take the bull by the horns and implement our own solutions. Practical recommendations include the following:

1. Rain harvesting, with pans or other inbuilt roof draining systems. This is can help considerably to flush toilets, water plants and wash motor vehicles.

2. Recycling of water, standing in a pan to shower and recycling that water for flushing or watering. The same is true for hand washing which could also be reused.

3. Ensure that there is drinking water for brushing teeth, other orifices, etc.

4. Utilize harpic and other cleansers for the bathroom to prevent the growth of fungus and bacteria.

5. Laundry could be hung in places to collect the dripping water or over garden areas.

6. Institutions could consider installing public showers in offices and schools. This system could be supported by bathroom monitors which would ensure hygiene and safety of the facility. This facility exists in many countries where baths are needed for rituals and religious purposes. It could be a step to preventing the spread of contagious diseases in heavy service industries such as food and transportation.

7. It is a new opportunity for business. Water trucking and assisting the elderly with the delivery of water to their homes is a great social outreach plan.

8. Be the solution. Thus potential members of parliament could emerge by answering and supply water solutions. Assistance could be provided to communities by providing outdoor and indoor water tanks.

9. Development of community laundromats.

Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson