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Henry was transparency advocate

Published:Thursday | May 30, 2019 | 12:21 AM


Oh, no! This isn’t happening!

I go to the online Gleaner early Wednesday morning. I see Martin Henry’s picture. What’s his contribution this time? And then I look at the column next to it.

Within seconds I realise what has happened. Of course, I’m in shock. Mr Seaga, then Martin. He was only 61, around the same age of Ian Boyne when he passed.

A Morant Bay High man, an academic, Gleaner columnist of over 30 years and commentator, he was an advocate for transparency in public life. Only last Sunday I listened to his insightful comments on RJR’s ‘That’s a Rap’. Little did I know that I was hearing him for the last time. He had been there since its inception and I was always disappointed when he wasn’t on. As regards his column, I have on occasion given feedback and he was always careful to respond.

In addition, he was my brother in Christ. He served as first elder of the Guava Gap Seventh-day Adventist Church for many years.

I wish to extend sincerest condolences to Jacqueline, his son and two daughters, the RJRGleaner Communications Group, the UTech family and members of his church.

Requiescat in pace.

Norman W. M. Thompson