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Holness can make history

Published:Friday | May 31, 2019 | 12:05 AM


When Andrew Holness took the reins of leadership of the Jamaica Labour Party and the ultimate prize as prime minister of Jamaica, Jamaicans wished him well and thought that with his youth, he would have made a generational change from old ways of the past.

He told us and we … well, most of us … were excited and believed as he promised – ‘he will be new and different’. Thus far, he is new but not different, and if he continues on this course, he will be the worst prime minister that ever served Jamaica.

As I see it, Mr Holness has it in his hand to not only be the youngest prime minister, but also the longest-serving prime minister.

He can achieve this only if he puts the country above his party and keeps his promise to the people of Jamaica and does all in his power to stamp out corruption.

Mr Holness MUST lead by example. He has to set the tone and demand accountability from those under his leadership. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain should he come clean on all the scandals in his administration and not be accused of covering them up.

Mr Holness MUST address the nation and outline his plans and expectations of all of us to get rid of this scourge of corruption.

It is all in your hands, Mr Holness, to do what is right and put country over party and special-interest groups. The Jamaican people will reward you and history will be kind to you in the most positive way.