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Cops’ punishment too harsh

Published:Saturday | June 1, 2019 | 12:12 AM


I have seen the recent trial and conviction of the three police officers, two men and a woman, charged with manslaughter in relation to the death of an Immaculate High School student in 2012. I believe the conviction and sentence are very harsh, bearing in mind the circumstances of the case.

1. The police officers were allegedly shot at by persons in the car prior to the car being seen along Norman Lane.

2. A firearm was found in the car along with items that were robbed earlier.

3. Norman Lane is an area known for violence, and it was also in the night.

I think the conviction and sentencing of the police officers are manifestly excessive and appear to be making an example of them as to their use of force. However, the message has gone the wrong way and it is telling other police officers to ignore or not to return fire at any fleeing felon, no matter how their lives are being threatened, because they may never know who else might be with those felons; willingly or not.

Crime in Jamaica has reached a stage where everything that has been put in place is in favour of the criminals and not considering the victims and the police. The sad fact is that the criminals know this and are making use of it.