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Letter of the Day | Second-hand smoke limits a person’s lifespan

Published:Saturday | June 1, 2019 | 12:00 AM


It was said by King James I that “Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain, and dangerous to the lung.” I write in great disgust of the smoking population, as I feel stricter actions should be taken to do more to stop public smoking, same as those actions that were taken to stop the usage of scandal bags.

Have you ever been in a public transportation or even in an open area and smell cigarette smoke? I can assure you that each person living in our country, Jamaica, has experienced that. It has been very disgusting and of harm to the human body from it existed. What I realise is that even when persons are aware of the harmful effects, they still insist on doing such an act. Though smoking may have some pleasurable effects on the human body, the harm outweighs that, hence it should stop.

Second-hand smoking, otherwise known as passive involuntary smoking, is smoking that has been inhaled by someone from a smoker, which is a major factor of air pollution.

I was on a bus waiting on it to load when I smelt cigarette smoke. My heart started racing and I felt as if I was about to pass out. I just couldn’t bear the smell any longer so I stepped out of the bus and asked the guy if he could please go somewhere else and smoke. He insisted that the breeze wasn’t blowing in that direction and it wasn’t his smoke I smelled. Even when he came back into the bus the stench was unbearable, as his mouth was on spring for the entire journey.


I’m just saying that to make it clear that persons who smoke do not take into consideration their environment or others around them. Imagine having to inhale it when it does more harm to someone who has inhaled it than to the person smoking. It is very important that they take into consideration where they smoke.

Smoking is considered one of the factors that lead to cancer, causes cardiovascular conditions, significant decline in lung function and various other bodily harm. It can cause persons to have dry cough, headache, eye irritation, nausea, and also dizziness. Persons may even develop bronchitis, asthma, respiratory infection and pneumonia. It is said that secondhand smoke is a serious hazard to our health that causes more than 41,000 deaths per year. In addition, when smokers dispose of the cigarette butt in an inappropriate way, it helps in polluting the environment.

Even though smoking in public places was banned in Jamaica on July 15, 2013, there are a lot of persons out there disregarding that law and doing what they want. I feel that more should be done to stop smoking in public places, as it kills faster and it’s like committing suicide without actually dying.