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Gun amnesty – a must-try

Published:Monday | June 3, 2019 | 12:21 AM


It would certainly be a wonderful idea if the current Government would declare a gun amnesty, because the bloodletting has reached crisis proportions. But with the direction that the society has taken, how many persons will truly take in their guns, as in the ‘bring in the guns’ campaign introduced in the ‘70s by the Michael Manley administration?

I am keeping my fingers crossed for a gun amnesty to work this time around, because the youth are more open to corrupt practices than in former years. We need to embark on this path.I recalled that in the 1970s, it evoked fear in the criminals and persons were willing to give up their guns for a much more positive lifestyle. After almost five decades, will the same type of behaviour be observed now?

I certainly doubt it, but if nothing is tried we will not know if it will work. But I am absolutely certain and confident that it will propel economic growth and development, with investors streaming in to make our gross domestic product better.

If we could reduce our crime per capita, then we will be in a safe place once more to grow, hence our disposable income will be much better with the fixing of our crime monster.

Although I know it is not going to be as successful as with the frightened criminals of the ‘70s, I wish the Andrew Holness regime all the best in the search for solutions for a better life for all Jamaicans.

In the ‘70s, the Gun Court was started, and draconian penalties were put in place for those who refused to give up the gun-toting lifestyle. We will have to use our creative energies to show the young people in gangs a better, more productive way of life, where they can earn just as much legitimately.

If we can convince the young people who are engaged in gangs and are resisting the legal system, we would have won the fight.


Greater Portmore