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All isn’t lost for Constant Spring Market vendors

Published:Tuesday | June 4, 2019 | 12:28 AM


It appears as if the now-demolished Constant Spring Market was a base for very good ­business for the many vendors that operated there. This is evident in the strong interest being expressed by some of these vendors in getting another market in Constant Spring where they could continue their vending businesses.

It would therefore make sense for the vendors themselves to come together and form a co-operative, pool their resources, raise additional funds if necessary, and acquire a space somewhere in the Constant Spring area to construct their own facility.

Once they form and register their ­co-operative, there are sources of assistance for which they would qualify, either as grants or loans, to supplement their own inputs. There are government agencies such as the Jamaica Business Development Corporation and HEART Trust/NTA, in addition to other entities that, I am sure, would be willing to get these persons organised. They would assist the vendors to form their co-operative, develop and implement their business plan, and so take control of their own destiny rather than to be lobbying the Government to provide another facility for them to do their business.

This could be an interesting model, and an example of the power possessed by ordinary people to take control of their circumstances. It would also demonstrate that there is much more that they can do for themselves, which they need not depend on the Government to do for them.

I am sure they will agree that the vending they have been doing is serious business, and this is an opportunity for them to demonstrate that it is so.