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Are our churches too relaxed?

Published:Tuesday | June 4, 2019 | 12:27 AM


This question has long been one of much discussion. The truth is, for decades, churches have been known to foster morality and shape identity, but are they fulfilling this mandate? For a nation to be built, it will require the collective responsibility of each citizen, and institutions such as churches are often called upon. With a spike in Jamaica’s crime rate, the sentiment has again been echoed that churches can do more.

Many would argue that the solutions to reducing crime are more strategic planning and modern resources, yet we fail to realise that the Government alone cannot adequately address the problem. What we need are faithful churches that are actively engaged in the communities.

Churches are called upon to reinforce principles, morals and ethics in our society and so, when these institutions are weak or absent, society becomes more of a free-for-all. The Government alone cannot reduce the crime rate; our churches are too silent, they need to assert their influences to help shape society into what we wish to see.


Student, Church Teachers’ College