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Garbage collection a basic human right

Published:Thursday | June 6, 2019 | 12:09 AM


Across many communities the garbage is piling up, and here in Jacks Hill the situation is no different. I am a taxpaying Jamaican citizen nearing retirement, looking forward to increasing water lock-offs, power cuts, long waits at public hospitals – if I believe in the fantasy of free healthcare. A place to retire? My basic needs as a human being are in doubt, while the public relations machinery churns out cheerful diatribe about just how fantastic things are.

Thank God for my upbringing, or I guess I would be cursing every day! Today, I have to find out what to do with my actual garbage as well as the metaphorical garbage which is spun every day. When we speak of diminution of social capital, it means that the people cannot believe a word which flows from institutions.

Fortunately, I am from one of those independent families accustomed to life on the frontier. I want the authorities to know that this is just not right, not sustainable, and that our patience is wearing out. Garbage must be collected weekly, we have to sort garbage into compost, recyclables, etc. We have to manage our solid waste. We cannot continue to be so inept, incompetent and corrupt.

Hilary Robertson-Hickling

UWI, Mona