Thu | Oct 21, 2021

More than a little bleach needed

Published:Thursday | June 6, 2019 | 12:09 AM


As a visitor to this country, I must say one thing – it’s beautiful, aside from the crime and violence, and also the intense rankness (this in regard to people urinating at every corner in public spaces).

The emphasis for me is especially on the town of Falmouth. Every corner you turn in that town, it is a disgrace to smell the place, even in the town square. What is the municipal corporation doing to address the issue? When was the last time anyone got fined for urinating in a public space? The town smells bad!

A little washdown now and again and the pouring of bleach is not good enough; it’s plain to me that not a whole lot of interest is placed on the overall aesthetics of the town.

The powers that be need to step up their game and start fining people: they need to stop dragging their feet. The reputation of the town is at stake if this continues unabated. The town needs sprucing up – edges need to be trimmed; the various garden spaces that have been left to weeds and with broken-down picket fences all over the town, need some urgent attention.

Are you attracting visitors, or is it that you don’t care who wants to come or when they come?

Travis Scott