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Spice just won’t Cool It Dung!

Published:Thursday | June 6, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Jamaica’s very own, Grace Latoya Hamilton, aka Spice, has impressed me in recent times.

Admittedly, I was never one of her fans, primarily because I never saw beyond her risqué lyrics. However, I have since studied her through the lenses of social media and have found that she has some admirable qualities.

Through her recent Romantic Mood video, Spice tacitly encourages greater tolerance for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. Note that many of the dancers in this old-school, dancehall themed video are from the LGTB community.

Historically, our music has incited violence against homosexuals. Therefore, when Spice, a dancehall extraordinaire, promotes sexual inclusivity, homophobia will, no doubt, be markedly discouraged.

Spice exemplifies diligence, persistence, and consistency. She has masterfully maintained her currency through music, reality TV, dance, and fashion. This is definitely commendable as many of our artistes, even the very talented ones, become dormant very often.

Additionally, Spice seems to balance her family life and her career quite well. She mothers her children with attention and affection, not only the materialistic gadgets that her thriving career affords.

Importantly, she has remained true to her Jamaican roots and has continued to use her stardom to market brand Jamaica.

Through the Grace Hamilton Foundation, she has also helped many fellow Jamaicans. So far, one of her most generous cash endowments has assisted one young lady with offsetting her university fees.

Yes, Spice’s songs are raunchy, but her work ethics, creativity, generosity, and compassion must be applauded.

Gwaan bubble, Spice! Never cool it dung!

Shawna Kay