Sun | Jul 25, 2021

Peter Bunting propaganda

Published:Friday | June 7, 2019 | 12:31 AM


Opposition Member of Parliament Peter Bunting recently uploaded a video to Facebook giving his analysis for what he perceives to be the ‘Chinese takeover of Jamaica’. In this video, he goes over several points as to why he believes China is using a form of economic colonialism to take over our island.

Between 2008 and now, China has built 16,700 miles of high-speed railway. They’ve gone from zero to having more high-speed railway than the rest of the world combined. This, while our neighbours up north, which we highly regard, are struggling to build a single high-speed line between San Francisco and San Diego.

It costs China US$17-21 million per mile to construct high-speed rail. This is in contrast to California, which it costs US$56 million per mile to construct high-speed rail. This is just an example of the efficiency and speed with which Chinese construction happens.

Our North-South Highway project was stalled for YEARS. China stepped in, and within months, segments of the highway were in operation. In a modern-day economy, it is important for countries to focus on what they are good at and outsource the rest. This is why we need China. Quite a simple concept. I am not an economist, but I can understand that.

Has Peter Bunting really resorted to spreading propaganda just to get attention?