Sun | Oct 2, 2022

Cops did nothing wrong

Published:Monday | June 10, 2019 | 12:00 AM


By now, most of us would have seen the recording of who we now know is a retired police officer disobeying an instruction from a young police officer. Mr Altemorth Campbell was travelling in a vehicle with his son when he was signalled to pull over by the police. When the police requested his driver’s licence, he was unable to produce it. The young police officer gave him a lawful directive to exit the vehicle. Mr Campbell refused to comply, even after the officer gave him sufficient time to change his mind. He was then sprayed in the face with pepper-spray by the young police officer.

Licensed firearm

The issue I want to raise here is, as a former police officer, I’m assuming Mr Campbell has a firearm. The upstanding lawman he is, I’m assuming he had his firearm with him. But if Mr Campbell didn’t have his driver’s licence, why should we believe he had his firearm licence on him, assuming he had his firearm? My belief is that Mr Campbell was afraid to exit his vehicle because the police officer would have seen his licensed firearm, for which he probably didn’t have the licence on him either.

Mr Campbell is playing victim and trying to shine a bad light on the police officers involved. They did nothing wrong; they were doing their job. As a former police officer, Mr Campbell should be ashamed of his behaviour.