Wed | Jun 23, 2021

Obeah brouhaha

Published:Monday | June 10, 2019 | 12:21 AM


All this brouhaha about obeah and whether it should remain illegal, or not, is irrelevant, a waste of time and nonsensical, in my opinion. Whether obeah becomes legal, or not, no genuine Christian will, or ought to, partake of this reputedly bizarre and evil practice.

It seems to me that those who ought to be most concerned about whether obeah is legalised, or if it remains illegal, are obeah men, obeah women and their respective clientele.

As a Christian, I would never visit a practitioner of obeah, so I could not care less if it is legalised. Moreover, if the government legalises obeah tomorrow, it won’t change what currently ensues in Jamaica.

Those who practise obeah will continue to do so, albeit, perhaps more openly, and those who visit obeah practitioners will continue to do so. Likewise, Jamaica’s laws, in relation to smoking a ganja spliff and/or the legal quantity of cannabis one is allowed to possess, has made very little difference to those of us who don’t smoke marijuana and who never will.

Man’s laws and God’s laws don’t always align. Ultimately, the latter is what ought to take precedence, that is, for those of us who are Christians.

Therefore, at least for me, this latest controversy surrounding what will happen if obeah is legalised in Jamaica, is nothing more than hollow brouhaha.