Thu | Sep 16, 2021

Jamaica is at war

Published:Wednesday | June 19, 2019 | 12:44 AM


Jamaica is at war – with each other and ourselves. We see news of actual wars or civil unrest in far-flung, larger and wealthier states than Jamaica; yet the casualties are similar.

Here, people are killed daily by association. Children are prey for people they know or don’t know. The perpetrators are sheltered, given light sentences, or not caught at all. Motorists, especially the current breed of daredevil public passenger operators, risk the lives of commuters alike with impunity. I’m sure when persons see the trending videos in the Jamaican social media space, they think it’s a movie they’re seeing. Not to mention the realisation that the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms doesn’t function. Look at the American part-time lecturer at Edna Manley College fighting for students; meanwhile, her rights were infringed. How odd it is to want responsible citizens, yet a tertiary-level institution neglects the very same citizens it’s turning out.

I remain surprised that the human rights-related international aid Jamaica gets hasn’t been discontinued. We get away with a lot, because if it were elsewhere, the persons involved would have to resign in disgrace for daring to tarnish the institution’s name.

Jamaica has no use for people who have no redeeming qualities, and that include leaders who help perpetuate the war.