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Letter of the Day | Social media can transform the perception of Ja

Published:Saturday | June 22, 2019 | 12:00 AM


This year’s staging of Jamaica’s 8th Biennial Diaspora Conference at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston welcomed the idea of a Jamaica Global Young Leaders Forum as a means of connecting the diaspora with youths in the Caribbean. The conference was held under the theme, ‘Building pathways to sustainable Development’.

The idea of establishing the forum came about so youth leaders in Jamaica can respond to some of the concerns/challenges that are put forward by first- and second-generation youths of the diaspora.

Pivotal to the discussion of the young leaders’ forum were issues such as the high crime rate, low investments, and violence, as well as the perpetuating issues of human rights and the dreaded homophobia.

While the forum contends that Jamaica is ripe for development and investment, these issues will constantly hinder sustainable and economic development because of the negative perception that are held by youths in the diaspora.

One of the greatest ways to deal with these persisting issues faced by youths in the diaspora is to ensure that there are strategic pathways to stimulate greater social and economic development through sustainable development.

Social media can be an effective way of conveying a positive view of Jamaica. Social media can transform the dialogue and perceptions of Jamaica through art, music, fashion, language and, by extension, culture.

The truth is, we need the investment from our diaspora communities to directly benefit Jamaica. The diaspora is our only hope and through this connection, we can recondition Jamaica as the most viable brand for investment.


Equality Youth Jamaica