Sat | Sep 18, 2021

Saying vs doing our national anthem

Published:Monday | June 24, 2019 | 12:23 AM


Eternal Father, we beg you to bless our land,

But what do we do? We destroy it.

We ask you to guide us with your mighty hand,

Instead, we do what pleases us.

Keep us free from evil powers, we pray,

Yet there is talk about embracing witchcraft.

Be our light through countless hours, we sing,

Oh no. Don’t bother. This will expose our darkest deeds.

As to granting our leaders true wisdom from above,

How about mixing it with a little from the pit of Hell?

Justice and truth be ours forever

Haven’t seen much of the first and even less of the second.

Jamaica. Jamaica. Jamaica. Land we love!

Hypocrites! If you did, you wouldn’t mash it up so.

Respect for all and response to duty’s call,

Sad to say, not much of those virtues are around.

Strengthen us the weak to cherish, give us vision lest we perish

It’s more like the “weak dem fi perish” for “all a we tun selfish”.

Knowledge and wisdom send us Heavenly Father.

Dash that one. We know all the entertainers and dirty lyrics, so who cares about heavenly knowledge.

Eternal Father, please help us to repent for taking our national anthem lightly. We merely honour you with our lips, but our hearts are far from You. Help us to be ready to live in Your kingdom under Your rules in preparation for eternity.

Fay Bangerter