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Bleaching is a fashion trend

Published:Tuesday | June 25, 2019 | 12:23 AM


The bleaching of the skin in our society is more of a fashion/cosmetic trend rather than an identity issue. Here in Jamaica, our schools have rules and dress codes for our students. Certain fashions are not allowed in our schools. For example, it does not matter how many times a female student ears are pierced, she is only allowed to wear on pair of earrings to school.

For the boys, earrings and tattoos are not allowed in schools, although students have them in concealed places. Bleaching as an identity issue is more of a physiological matter and would require a more cautious approach. Our students don’t think they are naturally light skinned, so it’s not an identity problem.

Bleaching is trending and these students feel as if they’re trendy. Bleaching among our students is merely fashion, and it’s just another fashion that the school rules are against.