Sat | Jun 19, 2021

Seaga was courageous and lion-hearted

Published:Tuesday | June 25, 2019 | 12:22 AM


We lift our hats high in honour and respect to the late Edward Phillip George Seaga. He wasa powerful leader and a great politician. He was fearless, brave, courageous and lion-hearted.

I have him down in the ‘Guinness Book of Records’ as one of the most fearless leaders Jamaica has ever had.

I also have him down in as one of the most brilliant and courageous men in the history of Jamaican politics. My best memory of Mr. Seaga was during the 1976 general election campaign.

He was passing through our little district in St Mary on a motorcade and he stopped by one of our neighbour’s shop (in his dark glasses) and put his arm around my grandfather and smiled.

Then he put his hand in his bush jacket pocket and took out $5 and gave it to my grandfather, on his church rally card. In those days, $5 valued much. My grandfather was a highly respected deacon in his church.

Mr Seaga was a good and kind man, with a big heart – a heart that cared and loved people. He was one of those persons with a computer brain, who was in a class by himself. Above all, he believed in God.

We say hearty thanks to the Most Hon Edward Seaga for the great work and service he has done for Jamaica and its people. May his soul rest in perfect peace. We send condolences to his beloved family.