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Mother, daughter in dire need

Published:Thursday | June 27, 2019 | 12:25 AM


As I sat writing this letter, with trembling hands, tears are streaming down my face.

I am currently a student at the University of Technology but sometimes study for finals on the grounds of UWI. While sitting under one of the many gazebos on the campus, I noticed two females sitting across from me. Both seemed to be falling in and out of sleep until I heard the older one say that she was tired and that she felt bad as she needed something warm to ingest. I approached them and asked if they were OK, to which the reply was no. The older lady, who was then resting on the younger lady’s lap, barely raised her head and replied in a soft, weak tone that she was very tired and just wanted to sleep.

This dug a hole in my heart as the benches were made of iron and were very hard. I could see that they needed rest, warm food, and, more than likely, a shower. Between a shopkeeper close by and me, they got some warm tea and bun. I could only stay for 10 minutes with them, but those 10 minutes left a mark on me that I will never forget.

It was further revealed that the elder lady is 69 years old and the younger lady was her daughter, 42 years old. In the daytime, they stay in old abandoned building near to the university, but they said that they are unable to stay there at night. This was so as the building was old and dilapidated and offered no protecting, plus there was no light. Their clothing showed signs of the hardships that they faced. They said that they seek help wherever they can and once had a one-room house in Liguanea, but someone burnt it down. Three years ago, they were living in a house, but the owner died and the relatives asked them to leave, so they have been on the streets ever since.

No one desires to be sleeping out in the cold on an iron seat, worse, at that age. I will do the little I can do to help, which is not much now as I am still a student. If anyone is listening and can help, please help to give them some comfort. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

DeShawn Adams