Sat | Dec 3, 2022

Black beauty more than skin deep

Published:Friday | June 28, 2019 | 12:16 AM


I must commend the principal of Irwin High School on his militant stance against skin bleaching. Recently, he instructed offending students to go home until their complexion returned to its original hue.

The practice has been making the rounds recently and it shouldn’t be getting so much traction in favour of these skin bleachers.

People must learn to remain how God made them – well carved out and immaculately shaped. When people can see themselves as inferior and unworthy to walk among others because of their lack of confidence in themselves, certainly they are lost. They all need to take a stock of when, and how, they have ended up in such an awkward position.

Many blacks in our society are engrossed in this pitiful act of cowardice. We try all types of disingenuous methods to get as white as the Caucasians.

My Jamaican comrades, do the honourable thing and teach your children of the great, valiant warriors from Africa.

With our melanin, black people have the best skin to protect us from the sweltering heat of the sun due to the substance, melanin. What will these people tell their children if they are not sure if they really want to be black? Bleaching is wrong. Full stop.


Greater Portmore