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Letter of the Day | ‘D’ is for Dalton and ‘D’ is for dunce

Published:Saturday | June 29, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Dalton Wint
Andrew Price


Some of the persons in whom we have placed our faith in electing to positions which govern some of our sporting associations never cease to amaze me. The arrogance with which they behave leaves me to believe that they perceive themselves as little gods.

I really should not be too surprised about this, however, as this same behaviour is mirrored in persons who lead some of our government ministries and whom we have elected to be leaders of our nation. The revelations that have been forthcoming recently from the energy and education ministries, as well as from the Manchester Municipal Corporation, are merely tips of the icebergs which have been well concealed over the years.

Andrew Price is a well-respected Jamaican football coach and one whose passion for the sport and talents in coaching, having been recognised, earned him an appointment as an assistant coach to Reggae Girlz.

In a private email sent by him to a friend, he happened to refer to Dalton Wint, general secretary of the JFF, with a derogatory term. At no time did he ever refer to him in this manner to his face, and at no time was he ever disrespectful to Mr Wint. In a most bizarre and unfortunate manner, the email was forwarded by the original recipient to Mr Wint.

Mr Wint, having taken great offence at being referred to in this manner, summoned Price to a meeting and, having confirmed that the email did in fact originate from him, summarily suspended him from all of his coaching duties with our Girlz!

As a result of this action, Price was denied access to them and to their training for a period spanning the match against Panama at our National Stadium, the training camp that was held in Miami prior to the World Cup, the practice match held in the USA, as well as the practice match vs Scotland in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, as a result of this very public disciplinary action, Price has suffered a great deal of embarrassment and his reputation has been severely tarnished.

The questions I would like to pose to Mr Wint are:

1. Why was Mr Price not given an official hearing?

2. Why was he not asked to face the disciplinary committee of the JFF?

3. This letter of suspension was signed solely by Dalton Wint and was merely copied to the president of the JFF, so with whose authority was he disciplined?

In this whole debacle, it would seem that Dalton Wint acted as sole prosecutor, judge, jury, executioner and parole officer in determining when the appropriate time had elapsed so that Price could be released once more into the mainstream of society.