Sun | Jun 13, 2021

Let’s break the back of crime

Published:Tuesday | July 2, 2019 | 12:24 AM


Jamaica is doing well economically. But even with major infrastructural development across the country and a booming tourism industry, there is an ugly cloud hanging over our head: crime.

Our communities cannot continue to be controlled by dons! It is time to destroy the guns and turn them into plowshares to till our land.

It is time that we are able live in our homes and communities without fear. It is time that our children are free to play on the streets without fear.

It is time that we ask our ­political leaders to create a bipartisan anti-crime plan, which all successive governments must pledge their support to uphold. No more must any party take credit for crime reduction. A national, not partisan, effort is required.

We have done this with our economy, and successive governments have adhered to a strict economic plan, so it can be done. All we need is the will.

We have a commissioner of police who has demonstrated that he and his staff have the ­ability to provide the technical guidance to produce and monitor a national anti-crime plan.


Montego Bay, St James