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St Catherine vandals wreak havoc on FLOW

Published:Tuesday | July 2, 2019 | 12:24 AM


We write in response to a letter published in The Gleaner on May 16, 2019, titled ‘FLOW disruption’.

We sincerely apologise to our customer, O. Grant, for the reported repeated service disruption experienced. The issue highlighted has again brought to the fore a challenge that we have been battling for years.

Mr Grant, like some of our other customers in sections of St Catherine and, particularly, communities in Spanish Town and Portmore, has been greatly impacted by the repeated incidents of theft and vandalism of our network cable infrastructure.

Since January, there have been 29 incidents of theft and vandalism in St Catherine, impacting 17 communities. We have invested significantly to replace these stolen and vandalised cables, further enhanced our security measures, and, where possible, we have also moved customers to other types of technology.

We appreciate the feedback from Mr Grant when we spoke with him on this matter. The loyalty of our customers is not taken lightly, and so we will continue to take every step within our control to secure our network infrastructure and minimise the impact of this scourge on our customers.

We continue to encourage citizens to report any suspicious activity that is observed in the vicinity of our network cables and batteries to the police or the nearest FLOW office.

We again apologise to Mr Grant and all other customers affected by the theft and vandalism of our network and will continue working closely with the security forces to prevent further incidents.


Senior Manager

Customer Experience