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Change in operation needed at police traffic division

Published:Thursday | July 4, 2019 | 12:15 AM


The Police High Command has once again announced change in the leadership of the traffic division, now dubbed the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch. ACP Gary Welch will be taking over form ACP Calvin Allen.

I blame the police for the worsening traffic fatalities, because they continue to do the same things and expect a different result.

I have a few – not novel – suggestions for ACP Gary Welch, and should he fail to implement all or most of my suggestions, he will be in the heap of failure that command the traffic division.

Speeding is a factor, but it is not the primary reason for traffic accident and fatalities. Reckless driving and the general violation of every road traffic code on the books are the causes of these incidents.

(I) The police should discontinue/curtail the police use of radars, stopping speeding motorists on highways. Worse, they endanger themselves when they come out on the road to wave a speeding motorist to stop. Oncoming motorists always alert the unsuspecting speeder of the police up ahead.

2) The police should deploy marked and unmarked police vehicles driving in traffic on our roads and highways. They should target and ticket all violators who illegally overtake, drive on soft shoulder, drive hanging out of traffic lane and speeding, etc.

This should not be a one-off crackdown, but should be a consistent national campaign.

The police – with the help of our media – should educate and inform the travelling public of the police’s intentions.

Authnel S Reid