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Letter of the Day | Offended by broad-brush diss of Jamaican men

Published:Saturday | July 6, 2019 | 12:00 AM


As a Jamaican man, I sympathise with Shawna Kay Williams-Pinnock (‘Jamaican men are too damn disrespectful!’, Gleaner, July 2, 2019) as well as Simone Cole (‘Jamaican men are such creeps’, Gleaner, June 3, 2019). I do agree with them to some extent that SOME of us men are not worthy of the title ‘man’.

It is, however, a two-way street as I, too, have had the experience of dealing with numerous Jamaican women in various circles and have found many who could be described as licky-licky, arrogant, and selfish. Fortunately for me, I have also had the opportunity to meet Jamaican women who are caring, ­independent, smart, and selfless.

I would not use a broad brush to paint every Jamaican woman in a negative light because of my experience with a few. If I were to do so, I would have been disrespecting my wife, mother, female sibling, and decent co-workers who are some of the finest women I have met when compared to women from anywhere in the world.


I wonder if Shawna Kay Williams-Pinnock is married to a Jamaican man. My suggestion to these women is to broaden the circle of Jamaican men they choose to interact with and the areas they visit.

Another interesting fact is that some women tend to have real men very close but never recognise it. I remember an experience I had with a neighbour I would offer a ride to and from work daily free of cost because I recognised her need, even waiting on her when she ran late.

At the time, the vehicle I drove was an older model (as I ensured that my wife kept the more reliable vehicle). One day, we happened to talk about race relations. I was, however, taken aback by her informing me that her fiancé was not a Jamaican and that she could never talk to a Jamaican man because “they” were all (a string of derogatory terms) and no sensible woman would be in a relationship with a Jamaican man.

I felt offended and disrespected.

My dad is a Jamaican man. My mom chose a Jamaican man. I am a Jamaica man.

What hurt the most was that this lady who I was going out of my way to do a good deed for was disrespecting my wife, who chose to be with a Jamaican man!

My final point is an example of me. When l met my wife, I was more than a little rough around the edges. Being with a great Jamaican woman, however, made me want to become a good Jamaican husband.

I also learnt much from my dad, and my mother believed that boys should learn everything and be well rounded.