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Schools lack moneymaking focus

Published:Saturday | July 6, 2019 | 12:22 AM


Why aren’t we taught financial literacy and wealth creation in school? Why are we still being taught to go to college, get a good job, and save? Why aren’t our ­academic institutions teaching us to think? Ever wondered? I have.

A bachelor’s degree is simply about reading textbooks and regurgitating them in exams. You just need to remember enough to pass then do that for three or four years and you get your degree. Awesome, isn’t it?

Only if you decide to do a master’s degree do you actually start challenging your brain to do something differently, that is, think. And then, this isn’t applicable to all master’s degrees as some are taught with no research component. Thinking postponed.

If you then choose to go further and do a PhD, it is only then that the real thinking starts. It is here that independent thinking becomes crucial, but then we weren’t taught to think in the first place, so we have to force the brain to do something seemingly foreign, which really should come naturally.

If you’re from Jamaica, you know very well how our education ­system works. It is rigged with cookie-cutter, traditional chair and desk settings. Now we’ve PEP-ed up the programming for our little robots and give them trophies, medals, and certificates for ­successful regurgitation.

We need a thinking economy.