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Yeng Yeng yankers wheeling and stealing

Published:Saturday | July 6, 2019 | 12:22 AM


Over the past few months, Digiview Security Ltd has noticed an increase in robberies committed by people on motor bikes, especially the Yeng Yeng model. We are often asked to retrieve security camera footage of crimes and have seen an uptick in these types of robberies.

In order to help prevent more people from becoming unsuspecting victims of this type of theft, here are some tips that may decrease your chances of being robbed.

1. Put away your cell phones. When you are using your phone, you are an easy target because you are less alert and oftentimes distracted. Your phone itself may also be an attraction to the robber.

2. Similarly, avoid using your earphones when walking. Having headphones in your ears also makes you a target. You may not be able to hear the bikes approaching, or a biker may assume that you cannot hear him coming and take the chance to try to rob you.

3. Use a backpack instead of a purse or handbag. Handbags are easier for the riders to yank away from you. Backpacks are more difficult to remove.

4. If you decide to walk with a handbag, avoid walking with it on the hand that is exposed to the traffic. Carry your handbag on the hand that is on the inside so that it is more difficult for the bikers to reach over and grab it.

5. Walk with a friend. Most people who were attacked were walking alone. If possible, wait on a co-worker or friend to walk with you to the main roads.

We hope that these simple tips will be useful. We encourage everyone to be more vigilant on the roads.


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