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Develop Lucea for those who live there

Published:Tuesday | July 9, 2019 | 12:11 AM


There was a news story in this medium on July 3, 2019, about the development of Lucea as a tourist destination. It worries me as a young Jamaican that the only ‘development’ some areas of Jamaica will ever see will be for the people who do not live here, tourists.

The importance of tourism to our economy cannot be understated, especially on the north coast. However, successive tourism-related developments have not greatly improved the quality of life for people living in those areas.

Lucea has been in need of development for years now. The town has chronic traffic, as well as sewerage, drainage and pollution problems. Any development of Lucea has to start with rectifying those problems first.

Additionally, many buildings in the town are in an advanced state of decay. Tourists do not want to be in an environment that is heavily polluted and decrepit.

Minister Ed Bartlett also alluded to the idea that there might be plans for a cruise ship pier in Lucea.

The cruise ship port in Falmouth was an environmental disaster that was swept under the rug. A pier in the Lucea Harbour would be of a magnitude worse than Falmouth’s.

I would hate to see Lucea become another playground for foreigners while the people who live there don’t, or barely, benefit.