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Letter of the Day | Police force irredeemable

Published:Tuesday | July 9, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Police Commissioner Antony Anderson appears to be taking the public for fools. That’s the only conclusion one could make of his utterance that with the reassignment of Senior Superintendent Glenford Miller to Clarendon, he is confident that the murder rate for the parish will fall below last year’s!

How can sensible persons escape questioning the analytical competence of the commissioner when (a) at the end of June, Clarendon had already recorded more than half of the 133 murders committed in the parish for 2018; (b) the division – St Andrew North – where Senior Superintendent Miller was in charge of, and from where he is being reassigned to Clarendon, has recorded significant increases in all major categories of crime for the first half of 2019; and (c) the continued woeful absence of a comprehensive and effective crime plan is a painful assurance that Jamaica is nowhere near solving its ugly problem?

I struggle to understand how an institution like the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) continues to be supported by a taxpaying public that it has failed to protect from heartless criminals.

How can the JCF justify its existence when, over the past 10 years, Jamaica records an annual average murder rate of more than 1,200 persons, yet within that same period, the court system cannot boast of having even 500 murder cases down for trial annually.

Horiffic scenario

This horrific scenario does not require rocket science to know that the present JCF is a colossal failure that needs to be retired immediately in the national interest. The pervasive culture of corruption, laziness, non-creativity and unprofessionalism that characterises the JCF makes one wonder why lawmakers continue to waste taxpayers’ money trying to prop it up. This JCF is irredeemable.

Consequently, any additional resources given to the JCF must be seen as wasted, since the primary requirement of the force is not fresh legislation, more vehicles or more equipment. Instead, the JCF needs men and women who have a propensity to use their brains more than their muscles. The force needs men and women who are committed to high moral and ethical conduct.

Additionally, the JCF must begin to recruit persons with a minimum of a first degree to be trained specifically to solve murder cases.