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Gov’t cheating businesses of money

Published:Wednesday | July 10, 2019 | 12:24 AM


My company winning a government tender recently has landed my business on the brink of collapse.

As a small business owner for 30 years, I responded to a published tender for the hell of it. Surprisingly, we won the bid.

I made a calculated decision to undertake this project and use company funds and more to fund it, as bank financing was not an option, considering that small businesses are not favoured, unless you have securities abound.

I was, however, offered a $10-million car loan instead, which I declined.

The contract was signed with assurances that the terms of payment would be strictly adhered to. What a joke! I blame myself for falling into this trap of deception.

As I contemplate closing my doors this month, whether temporarily or permanently, I shake my head in despair and disgust as I ponder what I’ve learned from this fiasco.

The Government’s late payment to suppliers is an ethical issue that doesn’t receive the publicity of bank fraud or phone hacking, and yet it is a curse that affects the lives of many. Late payments, for no valid or legitimate reason, are unethical. They are an abuse of power and in essence bullying behaviour by administrators who hold all the cards.

I don’t have the benefit of litigation, as ‘you can’t fight City Hall’. One thing is certain: I shall never do business with Government again.

And Mr Holness, sir, you just lost a few more votes.



Barbican, Jamaica