Sat | Dec 3, 2022

SOEs alone can’t fight crime

Published:Wednesday | July 10, 2019 | 12:23 AM


What a nation we have become with states of emergency (SOEs) being implemented so often, it makes you wonder if crime will ever end or is just being placed on pause?

Criminals watch the news and know that once an SOE has been called, they should hide their guns and pretend to be peaceful citizens. I wonder if our security experts are aware of this or they think that criminals are illiterate.

I am not against the states of public emergency being implemented, because the measure has been working in its own right. However, if we are to reduce crime and be a place where we can sleep with our doors open, we need to enforce other measures along with the SOEs.

Jamaica needs behaviour intervention programmes targeting at-risk youth. The State must also demolish vacant, blighted buildings in towns and cities that are often used by criminals to hide guns and drugs. These are ideas that we should consider along with community policing and the neighbourhood watch.

Fighting crime cannot be solely on the State. It requires a united effort.