Sun | Jun 13, 2021

Why is PM mum on corruption allegations?

Published:Friday | July 12, 2019 | 12:32 AM


Disillusioned and disappointed, many hoped that Prime Minister Holness would have provided new and different leadership in areas of governance. But with glaring evidence of dishonesty within his Jamaica Labour Party administration, we at least expected a no-holds-barrred, chips-fall-where-they-may declaration in an address to the nation.

Consequently, Jamaica is yet to know the PM’s stance on the alleged dishonesty levelled at the hands of his former education minister, Ruel Reid, and the mishandling of government funds at the Caribbean Maritime University.

It is past time for the prime minister to act decisively to assure Jamaica that the corrupt use of taxpayer money will not be tolerated and allowed in his administration. Only then can he move authoritatively and successfully against the criminals who plague the nation.

We need to hear from the prime minister.