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Dedicate pick-up lanes for public transport

Published:Wednesday | July 17, 2019 | 12:25 AM


Jamaica’s public transportation system continues to be a source of anger and frustration to many, especially in Kingston and St Andrew.

This was highlighted again by a current video on social media, featuring a screaming female passenger and an apparently illegal taxi operator fleeing from a chasing police officer on a bike.

Transport Minister Robert Montague, the police, the Island Traffic Authority, and the Transport Authority are increasingly being called upon to curtail the rampant disorder, reckless driving by taxi operators and others, indiscipline, and public endangerment.

Clearly, solving these problems is not as simple as it may appear, especially since so many persons benefit by way of ‘eating a food’.

But here are some solutions:

The inside lanes around the Transport Centre at Half-Way Tree and around Mandela Park and similar places in Kingston and elsewhere should be reserved and marked for taxis and similar public passenger vehicles to line up.

It must be recognised that in well-run societies nothing that is done gets done consistently well without effective oversight.

Carlton A.Gordon

Kingston 10