Tue | Jun 15, 2021

Sunshine Girls without a last hurrah

Published:Wednesday | July 17, 2019 | 12:25 AM


I was sincerely hoping the Sunshine Girls would have found their niche, which would augur well for their confidence. But now, all hope seems to be lost with their poor showing on the courts. I am only praying that one of the big teams, namely South Africa or England, could just make a silly mistake so that we could redeem ourselves.

Head coach Marvette Anderson and Winston Nevers must be very disappointed. We have tried our best, but this time we have failed miserably. If the gods are with us, we can make it through to the semi-finals. This is a very difficult time for us as a sports-loving nation. Still, we never give up until all is all gone.

We cherished the moments because we were all waiting with bated breath to see what we were going to do in this particular tournament. Unfortunately, we have not showed the grit and determination that we knew we were capable of. We are virtually out of contention now, but they are still our champions. Sunshine Girls forever!

Paris Taylor

Greater Portmore