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Impassible roads in Golden Spring

Published:Friday | July 19, 2019 | 12:11 AM


Our roads are deplorable, to say the least, as they have been lacking maintenance for well over 60 years.

In the past two weeks, a Radio Jamaica Hotline producer has tried to get Corporate Communications Manager Mr Stephen Shaw of the National Works Agency to respond to our road-maintenance complaints, but without the courtesy of a response.

I have repeatedly called back the producer, and she declared that she had not had a response from Mr Shaw up till late yesterday (Wednesday) evening. If he has responded, it’s now for him to say.

As it stands, even before talking about roads, a modicum of courtesy by the authorities is demanded.

The NWA, in the past, condescended and did some shoddy work while rebuffing the residents’ offer to collaborate to put in sweat equity and other security arrangements to safeguard materials.

This was told by way of a letter to Mr E.G. Hunter, the chief executive officer at the NWA, several months ago. We have had no response.

I am embarrassed for the Hon Desmond McKenzie, who sent men from his local government ministry, who measured the roads over nine months ago and have not returned.

The town clerk promised this writer to visit to get a first-hand view of the conditions in May 2019, and we are still reeling from this no show.

So forget the roads we may die without, but good God, give us courtesy!

Derrick Simon


Golden Spring Citizens