Tue | May 18, 2021

Install CCTV to capture taxis’ erratic driving

Published:Friday | July 19, 2019 | 12:15 AM


When persons are being watched, and know they’re being watched, their behaviour will, more often than not, align with lawful, decent, and sensible action.

However, when persons know that they can get away with unlawful and indecent behaviour, because they know they aren’t being watched, more often than not, they will continue.

The main reason so much dangerous, chaotic, and reckless driving, and so many traffic laws are breached on our nation’s streets on a daily basis, by motorists and, in particular, route/robot taxis, is because they know their behaviour is not being captured by CCTV cameras and/or being observed by police personnel on the ground.

The most effective way to force bad drivers to be decent, law abiding, and courteous to their fellow motorists is to have as many CCTV cameras as possible in as many locations as possible as they drive on the nation’s streets. CCTV cameras will provide the cure to what has become a cancer in our country’s life.

CCTV is a highly effective and invaluable tool in London and New York as well as many other cities around the world to deter unlawful behaviour.

It will work, and work well, here in Jamaica, too, if given a chance.

Patrick Gallimore