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Extremely bad roads in Stony Hill, too

Published:Saturday | July 20, 2019 | 12:07 AM


Permit me to support Derrick Simon, president of the Golden Spring Citizens’ Association, in his oft-repeated quest for road repairs.

Several years ago, on the eve of a general election, my car was stopped on one of the roads in that area. A large number of ‘workers’ were sitting on a wall. Two others were attempting to pave the road. When I was waved on I observed that about a chain further up the road recent rains had already started to wash away the earlier repair efforts of this crew.

I have made several attempts to get similar attention for Stony Hill. Travelling from the square towards Kingston there has been a stream of putrid water running down the left side of the road, for years. It is coming from commercial operations in the square and has undermined the road structure on that side of the road. On the other side of the road, the road structure has disappeared leaving little space for pedestrians.

A few days ago, I was walking on the road when the wing mirror of a car hit my hand. The driver did not stop. The following day, another vehicle coming from behind swerved into my path. As it hit me, I had to do some gymnastics to prevent myself from falling. The car stopped. I went up to the spanking new car as I thought an apology was forthcoming. But it was an arrogant, angry JDF officer who gave me a proper tongue-lashing for “bouncing” his car.

My last communication to TVJ, the day before the first incident, described the Stony Hill road as a ‘death trap’. It must be the only place in the world where there are bus stops going in opposite directions, directly across the road from each other. This, coupled with unruly bus drivers and ‘mad’ bikers, has residents worried and surprised that no one in authority seems to be concerned.

Glenn Tucker