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Fix the problems at Victoria Jubilee

Published:Saturday | July 27, 2019 | 12:19 AM


I am astonished at the numerous incidents involving mothers and babies that appear to happen too often at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital. The reports of only one functioning ventilator at the hospital, along with it taking days before a stillborn was removed from a mother, are disheartening.

It makes me wonder if the health institution’s administration really understands the negative impact that this can and will have on its future operations. I am uncertain whether the Ministry of Health comprehends the severity of the matter either.

The Victoria Jubilee Hospital is known as the largest maternal facility in the country and the Caribbean. There were more than 30, 000 visits to the facility last year. Approximately 7,000 babies were delivered. The fact that it is considered the hospital for pregnant women means that much better care must and should be administered.

With these incidents casting a shadow on the hospital, the Ministry of Health needs to step in and formulate a new plan. I have a suggestion: it should hold monthly meetings with the hospital’s staff to find out what the main issues are. The fact is that no one wants to go to a hospital where there is a lack of resources and medical professionals do not have ‘time’ to communicate with their patients. It is sad the hospital’s staff is known for these occurrences rather than the good they may be doing. However, all of this could can be prevented with proactive action.

The Ministry of Health needs a more hands-on approach to fix these problems.

Create investigative position

If the position does not already exist, the ministry should create the post of a health investigative officer who will visit hospitals, compile reports, then relay them to the minister and his team in order to address the issues.

The minister, Dr Christoper Tufton, can also facilitate town- hall meetings to talk about these issue.

Timelines are also required. It is a no-brainer. Fix the problems at Victoria Jubilee Hospital, please.

Andre Heslop