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Letter of the Day | Does the law not apply to politicians’ escorts?

Published:Saturday | July 27, 2019 | 12:00 AM


After the accident that Minister Chang was in a few weeks back, the question that was asked, as before, was, does the security that escorts politicians have special authority to drive recklessly?

Flashing lights have been attached to their vehicles, giving the impression that the Road Traffic Act does not apply to them as they drive at high speeds around traffic with sirens blaring, ‘Get out of the way, commoners’.

This must be against the law. The police commissioner should give us an understanding of the law regarding this situation. On my way from Montego Bay just now, one of those vehicles passed us at full speed with flashers on and horn blowing, driving into oncoming traffic that had to give way. What is the law regarding these unmarked, tinted vehicles with private plates? Safety first. All this crazy driving is not getting our country out of debt.

Andrew Scott