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PEP and fenke-fenke secondary education

Published:Monday | July 29, 2019 | 12:26 AM


From day one, to me, it was a major mistake to place education policymaking in the hands of Mr Ruel Reid. The irony of ‘critical thinking’ being championed by such a person, especially through the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) exams, says much about the quality of Jamaica’s governance.

The hubris, the pomposity, the pettiness, the scorn, the recklessness and the shameless sense of entitlement of that particular education minister were simply unprecedented. Yet, the administration kept him playing on the highest team, underperforming in positions that the prime minister himself knows and played quite well.

Perhaps Mr Holness’ judgement needs thoughtful resetting.

The consequences of keeping PEP unfixed will likely be just too lousy for our nation’s good. Why not urgently consult with stakeholders and seasoned practitioners from, say, Educational Testing Service, the Caribbean Examination Council and the local faculties of education to help steer us from this latest ghastliness confronting education’s already fenke-fenke secondary levels?

Prudent One