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Crack down on human trafficking

Published:Tuesday | July 30, 2019 | 12:22 AM


Human trafficking is often a crime that is overlooked because of its subtlety. It is not as jarring and obvious as murder or theft. People who are being trafficked can be going through this process for months, or even years, without anyone knowing or noticing.

How do we, as a society, become more effective in identifying this criminal activity? The solution to crime of any sort is often complex. If anyone suspects that a person is held captive by an individual who is abusive, he or she should not be afraid to report the crime to the authorities. Human trafficking can cripple people from functioning effectively in our society, which is why we need to be alert about this form of exploitation.

Survivors of human trafficking are oftentimes in need of psychological help as they try to process the abuse and trauma. As we have recently observed Human Trafficking Awareness Week, let us think of ways in which we can help those around us to work through the trauma of what they’ve been through.

As a society, we also need to take seriously the punishment for human traffickers. Their capability to deceive and capture other victims should not be taken lightly. When victims are found, they should be made to feel safe in exposing who had them in captivity. There are many programmes, including witness protection, dedicated to rehabilitating human-trafficking victims.

There are many groups in Jamaica, such as the Eyes Wide Open Initiative, the Love March Movement, Pursued International, that are speaking out against this treacherous crime.

To those of you who are in authority, take your job seriously in protecting our precious Jamaica. Let us join them in force and prayer as we fight to recapture our nation back from the hands of human traffickers.