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Fix Highgate parking crisis

Published:Wednesday | July 31, 2019 | 12:18 AM


It has become the norm to have development running ahead of its management by our public administrators. A prime example of this is the influx of motor vehicles – in particular, taxis – that bombard our towns.

I offer a solution to the problem for the rural town of Highgate, St Mary. Parking for the many taxis that feed the various communities around Highgate has become a nightmare. There is absolutely nowhere in the town centre for the operators of private vehicles to park in order to conduct business.

Most times, one has to park up to 200m away from the business place that one needs to access. This includes the market. Although there are no signs stating otherwise, if you even try to park in certain areas, you will be instructed by all and sundry that that is a taxi stand.

Add to that the hagglers who refuse to occupy the market and use the sidewalks instead. This forces pedestrians to compete with the moving vehicles on the now very narrow one-way streets in most parts.

This situation is unbearable and unsightly. It is as if the entire town has become one huge market!

Interestingly, though, just across from the market, along the roadway that leads to Guys Hill, is a plot of land approximately one acre in size that is an old cemetery.

I would suggest that that space be converted into a bus park/taxi station. The remains would not have to be exhumed; perhaps the park could be constructed to hover the graveyard.

That space is large enough to facilitate all public transport in an orderly manner. This might be something for our administrators to consider.