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Thrilled at Tufton’s book launch

Published:Wednesday | July 31, 2019 | 12:18 AM


I am delighted to learn of the launch of Dr Christopher Tufton’s book, State of Mind: Politics, Uncertainty and the Search for the Jamaican Dream.

Members of parliament like Chris Tufton are a breath of fresh air in our Parliament. In the face of great provocation and crassness, Dr Tufton has carried himself well and done the necessary research so that he can adequately answer questions posed to him.

One extract that struck me was: “Perhaps one of the factors auguring for my eventual success was that my aunt, Annette, worked at the Manchester Parish Library and always ensured I had books to read, and that I read them.”

The sad thing is that the fathers and mothers who need to get the message quite likely read a newspaper. This is a message that needs to be sent all over Jamaica, especially in the low-literacy parishes. Our young men need to understand, as Francis Bacon said, that “reading maketh a full man”.

I am proud to sit on the board of Tufton’s alma mater, where I chair the Academic Excellence Committee. I trust that arrangements will be made for us to get copies in Mandeville.

Congrats to Dr Tufton and to all who inspired him.