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Phenomenal job, Minister Bartlett

Published:Saturday | August 3, 2019 | 12:00 AM


Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett is one of Jamaica’s finest tourism architects. Minister Bartlett is undoubtedly a game-changer in this high-demand sector.

In conjuction with his team, the tourist experience in Jamaica has been redefined and revitalised. Under the watchful and diligent eyes of Minister Bartlett, this island nation was recently voted by Trip Advisor Travel Choice awards 2019 as best destination in the Caribbean and ranked 14th in the world.

Minister Bartlett has definitely developed the best network of minds and resources to propel tourism in Jamaica to unprecedented levels. The proposed National Tourism Pension Scheme is yet another excellent initiative and indeed the most impactful, as it seeks to provide a well-needed safety net for our tourism sector workers – the persons who cater to the every need of our local and international visitors.

The pension plan is inclusive: That is, all workers in this sector be it full-time, non-staff and self-employed workers ages 18-59 will benefit under this historic scheme. This is definitely a groundbreaking and seminal development for the sector.

Oftentimes contract workers are excluded from benefits after giving many years/decades of service to their jobs. It’s really refreshing to finally see all professionals – especially taxi men, craft workers, housekeepers, raftsmen, etc – in this sector become financially secure at their retirement.

Minister Bartlett, your foresight and vision for the growth and development of tourism is exceptional. Continue your outstanding work.

Congrats, Minister Bartlett, on a job well done.